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From facility design to production, our optimized production environment and systems allow us to swiftly respond to the ever-changing needs of our customers

MC 달성공장

MC Dalseong Plant

MC Dalseong Plant Overview / As a trailblazer of linear motion, Samick THK is a bind point for designing and manufacturing automated motion products and equipment applied to its all products. We design and manufacture special version systems that can correspond to varying customer needs from diverse types of standardized orthogonal robots with high-speed and high-precision position control to ultra-precision stages, high loads, etc.

MC Dalseong Plant

MC iconAs a trustworthy growth partner of our customers, SAMICKTHK cooperates with leading FPD/semiconductor companies both at home and abroad to develop and produce inspection/production facilities.

MC iconLikewise in the shipbuilding and automotive industries, we also develop and produce automation systems to keep abreast of the changing environment focused on servos. In addition, we develop and manufacture various linear motor applied products based on the linear motor developed by Samick THK's own proprietary technology.

MC iconWe take pride in the first-rate technology achieved by THK Japan's remarkable technological capacity and what has been accumulated for many years, thus, strive to make another bold leap forward as the headquarters of MECHATRO SYSTEM technology. With our superior technological resources across the Mechatro System, we aim to be a leader in developing new business and pioneering new areas of demand, and ultimately become a driving force in the industry.



ADDRESS 41, Dalseong2cha 2-ro Guji-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu
TEL 82-53-655-7500 FAX 82-53-583-1677
MC Anseong Plant

MC Anseong Plant

MC Anseong Plant Overview / Located in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province, the Anseong Plant is where the reliable systems which require a high level of cleanliness for the transfer robot, SCARA, vertical articulated robot, glass cutting machine, etc. in the LCD and semiconductors are manufactured through analyses. We are equipped with a cleanroom for the optimal environment, which should contribute to perfecting your system.

ADDRESS 104, Yongmeorikeun-gil Gongdo-eup, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
TEL 82-31-650-3500 FAX 82-31-686-7500